13 ways to improve the vibratory rate

Taux vibratoire et énergie

What is vibrational rate?

Everything in creation is energy, not only animate beings – such as humans – but also inanimate objects, of which the quartz crystal is perhaps one of the most representative examples.

Energy is transmitted by vibrations and is measured by a vibratory frequency: sound or light, for example, are characterised by relatively higher vibratory frequencies than that of three-dimensional matter – including the human body – which is, from a certain point of view, only a concentration of energy vibrating at a rather low level. Since not all matter has the same density or mass, we can deduce that they have different vibratory rates.

The vibratory rate could therefore be defined as the measure of the quality of an energy. It is expressed in Bovis Units (BU) and varies according to the species.

Some examples:

  • Minerals have a vibratory rate that is harmonized with that of their biotope, whereas that of trees varies during their growth, commonly reaching more than 100,000 BU for centuries-old oaks.
  • Cattle vibrate at around 4,000 BU while carnivores in their natural state are between 12 and 16,000 BU.
  • Horses vibrate between 18 and 27,000 BU while birds happily exceed 27,000 BU.
  • Sacred sites on the planet can vibrate above 500,000 BUs while the most sinister places are in the negative range. Below is an example of a sacred site with a high vibratory rate: Stonehenge in England.

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What about humans?

The average human generally vibrates between 6 and 9,000 BU. Although the vast majority of people are between 6 and 7,000 BU, people who are spiritually developing can vibrate higher – even much higher – and thus influence the overall rise in the vibratory rate of the planet.

Here are 13 ways to improve easily your vibratory rate

1 Keep in touch with your friends

“Friends recognize themselves in their wounds. (Alexander Kauffman)

Spending time with your best friends is a great way to raise your vibration. This obviously includes our animal friends as they have a high vibrational frequency.

2 living in the moment

“Whereas before you dwelt in time and paid only brief visits to the Now, make the Present your home, and pay short visits to the past and future when you have to deal with the practical aspects of your life” (Eckhart Tolle)

Living in the present moment, without worrying about the past or the future, is a privileged moment. We are far too busy with our thoughts (mind). Let us appreciate again the beauty of the world around us, a flower, a smile, a comforting word…

3 appreciate nature

“Go and gather in nature often! Then you will be able to understand the works of men” (Charles-Ferdinand Ramuz). (Charles-Ferdinand Ramuz)

You don’t need to climb mountains to appreciate nature. A walk in a park, feeling the sun on your skin, the wind in your hair… We are automatically “invigorated”.

4. Dance

“Dancing is like talking in silence. It’s saying a lot of things without saying a word.” (Yuri Buenaventura)

Dancing is a unique way to let energy flow through the body, which helps us reach higher vibrational frequencies. It is also ideal for letting go and releasing stress.

5 use technology wisely

“Don’t use technology as a substitute for human warmth. (Doc Childre and Bruce Crye)

It is essential that humanity uses technology wisely. Used positively, it can bring much to our lives. Beware of technologies that – if used in excess – weaken our energies, such as wi-fi (turn it off if not used), mobile phones, computers, television…

Some technologies disconnect us from our being… Let’s avoid sleeping next to harmful waves (mobile phones…)

6 Read

“To read is to travel; to travel is to read. (Victor Hugo)

Reading inspiring and motivating self-help books is a sure way to raise our personal vibration.

Sometimes we learn new knowledge that can transform our lives!

7 Take time for yourself

“My favourite pastime is letting time pass, having time, taking time, wasting time, living against the clock.” (Françoise Sagan)

Taking a warm bath, surrounded by candles, relaxing music… or receiving a good relaxing massage (see HERE)… or learning to meditate (free meditation exercise)… are excellent ways to help us relax and disconnect from stress, and above all increase our vibrational energy.

8 Evolve

“When one thing evolves, everything around it evolves as well.” (Paulo Coelho)

Personal development should be an integral part of our daily lives. Our vibratory frequencies will naturally reach higher levels. We will be more confident, more motivated.

Moreover, when we increase our vibratory energies, we benefit our loved ones, as well as the planet and even the entire universe. In this way we help to make the world a better place.

9 Sing

“Only he who cannot sing is unhappy” (Egyptian proverb)

Whether you are singing karaoke, with your friends, or alone in the shower, singing is a precious help in your energetic life… even if you sing out of tune ☺

10 Practice sport

“Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.” (J. Addison)

Physical exercise not only helps us to live healthier, but also helps us to feel happier and more ‘grounded’ in the present moment.

Mons Bien-Être organises mornings/afternoons of rejuvenation (I want to know more) with the aim of combining body and mind.

11 Listen to music

“Music is the language of emotions”. (Immanuel Kant)

Studies show that the right music for your current emotions can make you happier, smarter and can even protect your heart. For example

For example, if you are sad, play sad music and gradually change it to happy music.

12 Laugh

“Laughing to death and dying of laughter”. (Jacques Prévert)

One of the surest ways to increase your vibratory energy is to laugh, to do funny things, to find your inner child -far from (prefabricated?) adult concepts-, to watch funny movies…

Sign up, for example, to a laughter club not far from your home…an excellent way to release stress!

13 Eat healthy

“One must eat to live and not live to eat.” (Molière)

Stop destructive diets, pills and other appetite suppressants that are dangerous for our health! Let’s rediscover our common sense by eating in a natural and relatively balanced way, and especially by treating the emotions at the root of our weight gain.

The workshops “Slimming down and staying slim thanks to EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine)” offered by Mons Bien-Être will help us to lose weight and, above all, to keep it off… (what is it?)


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