What is our mission ?

What is our mission ?


The University of Applied Knowledge is a space for technical and practical teaching to accelerate the awakening of individual and collective consciousness. You learn to manage your mind and your emotions. This space is available online.

Its objective is to make accessible, simple and understandable, the process of awakening, of opening of consciousness, as well as the functioning of our reality to allow whoever feels the deep impetus, to realize himself as a being. human. This involves reaching a state of being from which emerges a joyful inner peace, an unshakeable confidence in life.

35 years of research, observations, experiments, practices, meetings, have allowed the development of the program as well as the technology that accompanies it.

It is a practical, clear, progressive, framed approach, which requires on average between 5 and 10 years – in our time when things are accelerating – to install a stable emotional and nervous structure which leads to a strong immune system.

As with learning a musical instrument, the satisfaction of witnessing its progress occurs from the first weeks.

Approaches that explore only the mind do not work. Healing and the elevation of one’s well-being requires a welcome, observation and management of the mental, emotional and physical aspects which are autonomous and connected.

We offer a step-by-step guide to apprehend with serenity the strange times we are going through.

Our values

Our values

We'll become what we are

“the 21st century will be spiritual or it will not be” says André Malraux

“Stop believing and educate yourself”, says André Gide

We believe that we are historically at a pivotal moment in our humanity.

A transition to something. In our western society a split has occurred between two groups of people: a materialistic group and a spiritualistic group.

The materialist believes that consciousness arises from the brain, the spiritualist believes that the brain arises from consciousness.

We can very roughly say that materialism conveys the following concepts:
time is money, territory, control, trade, separation, fear.

While spiritualism would rather tend towards:
time is art, connection, ecology, gift, union, joy.

But then you will sask:
Why do most of our societies tend towards materialism if a priori it is not cool?

materialism is much more attractive to our brain because we are equipped in the first place with senses and psychic programs adapted to gross material reality.

The main function of the brain being to preserve the survival and integrity of the physical body as well as the survival of the species.

Materialism therefore seems more attractive than spiritualism for our brain since it allows physical pleasure, as well as the illusion of power which is specific to matter.

In the West we are educated, socialized, conditioned to be materialistic, to disconnect from our spirit, from our soul and this seems to take on unprecedented proportions. Our natural impulse to spiritualism is strongly stifled.

Materialism will want to sell us what we already possess in a latent state.

1 dispossess us, 2 sell us kits, upload knowledge, expand physical performance, and it won’t be for everyone.

Materialism has managed to make us believe that the spirit did not exist for 200 years. A breach was opened by science a few years ago. At present, the number of eminent physicists who adhere to the fact that consciousness creates matter is constantly increasing.

Spiritualism created religions and materialism took control of religions to control people. Everyone will draw their own conclusions. Our teaching has nothing to do with that. It is inspired by no religion.

It provides relevant and practical answers to the question:

How to maintain the posture in which life is a game without challenges, creative and joyful, despite the difficulties, the frustrations, the physical, mental, emotional sufferings?



Many people are slowly awakening to consciousness.

We are talking about the conscience of the people.

The knowledge industry is becoming a flagship industry and a pillar of our modern economies.

The knowledge economy.

Marketing in this kind of market offers us the following approach. On the side of online training and knowledge sellers, the process is as follows, and in our opinion, sometimes questionable.

It’s about making a promise that you can’t keep, a huge, extraordinary promise to attract traffic, and then an easy, quick, effortless solution that people buy into.

The result is that out of 100 people who buy online training less than 5% apply the techniques taught.

For what ?

Because the brain is resource efficient. He is very attracted by the “easy, fast and effortless”.

But the reality of awakening your consciousness and being in the flow is very different. This requires effort, it is often long, but it is not necessarily complicated.

Our pedagogy is based on a practice followed, ludic, multipolar within the framework of a psycho-magical circle of 22 seats.

2 axes:

first axis

1 corpus of progressive courses,

2 platform for follow-up, mutual aid, and creative emulation.

Second axis

Learning a skill that will become popular, friend-professional coaching… while accelerating the awakening of consciousness and increasing its vibratory rate, in other words, its well-being.

We offer an original approach that helps to establish and maintain a structured and progressive practice applicable in daily life.

Quizzes to validate learning and self-manage.

Groups of up to 22 members